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MLEG: Sponsorship Request.

Sponsorship request: MLEG

Highly respected President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump, Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl) is rising again as the game master of this Maya Love Enlightenment Game (MLEG) with an important message for humanity. The Global Warming (Inconvenient Truth) is a fact and the dangers who comes with it are very real and I also have great concerns like Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Speech! The people and scientists thows do not believe in Global Warming are Blind to this Truth and probably for economic reasons…

The Pentagon has categorized Global Warming as a National Security Issue. We say that the Pentagon cannot solve this environmental issue through the ego because the collective egocentric mind causes this dangerous problem in the first place! Therefore the Pentagon is not the right Government institution to tackle this Global Problem on their own. Because they need spiritual awakened people, those ones who already lifted the veil of illusion (māyā) and who clearly see the reality and act from the true Source: HunabKú the Mayan sun God >>>

With this I offer my help, so let’s meet ASAP maybe even this week already at the US Embassy in Amsterdam please? Then I can show you my MLEG presentation and answer all of the questions you may have and you can livestream this to your Bosses.

There is no time to waste so I am also sending this request letter to the Government of Russia because I really would like that the Prime Minister Dmitri Anatoljevitsj Medvedev then is also present… Because we have to combine our forces and I promise you there is no competition-only collaboration!

So it will be a great honor as President Vladimir Putin or President Donald Trump or even better both of you (that will be the supreme) to join us in a Joint Venture (Functional Based) in the creation of a VR gamersplatform; This virtual reality gamersplatform, website, webstore, download App and VR game is to secure or future! Because we honestly believe that humanity is now ready to upgrade their consciousness and to awaken their third eye playing in a holographic universe.

In the appendix you can find the original request that I send to Elon Musk. Unfortunately it seems that nobody is home; But if we want our future to be secure, we need to realize this ASAP together… please I begging you to join forces in this grand plan of approach!!

MLEG sponsorship request letter:

Dear SpaceX employee,

I have a presentation with a Nobel Peace Prize earning and Global Consciousness Shift caliber proposal for Elon Musk. Would you be so kind to bring my introduction business plan, see attachments, to the attention of the CEO of Tesla please? I have sent it to: and and with subject: Holographic, Virtual Reality, Universe.

Dear Elon Musk,

It turns out that the perception of our lives show less than 0.01% of reality, because our egomind and senses can simply not process the provided awareness-information better than the 3D reality that we perceive. That means that currently the AI can only process this shallow-brained (superficial) information. On the other hand the Akasha records hold all the information from outside of our limited perception. Here all the information about people their reincarnations are stored. Is the Akashic records real – by Deepak Chopra:

The difference between AI and the Akasha is similar to the difference between the man-made Gregorian’s calendar and Greenwich clock time in comparison to the thirteen moon calendar and her natural time of the Mayans ( The Akasha’s contain all the information of: our never ending dream world, the known and unknown dimensions and all information about the worlds in our solar system. The fantasies, ideas, thoughts and experiences of everyone’s lived reincarnations, current life and the future reincarnations. Fortunately this database isn’t yet accessible to the egomind, and thus also not accessible to the AI.  

We will help you with a brand new perspective that gives fulfillment to everyone’s life. Like all the great mystics have said: The truth is found within you! If we join forces, we can help all of us expand our sense of Self. The Awakening – by Deepak Chopra.

With our product we aim to exceed the brilliant idea and success of Bill Gates, with his groundbreaking concept of transforming the old QDOS operating system into the upgraded Windows operating system. We aim to increase the dimensions of our existence. Our visionary approach is to transform the illusionary human NPC (non-playable character) on the Fata Morgana world stage (survival playground) to a realistic divine multidimensional Avatar, on the high-tech holographic universe gamersplatform. We call it: Mayan love Enlightenment game (MLEG). This multidimensional virtual reality gamersplatform is based on ancient Mayan shamanic wisdom, out of the box creativity and cutting edge science. On the whole, we create state of the art doorways into the Shamadi realm so that the player can experience Bliss using his personal Akasha record, instead of unconsciously tapping into your egomind.

Side note NPC:

Thoughts come and go automatically and there is no control over it and our memories are not stored in the brain, the soul is not stored in the body and your will also stems from an external source. The most accurate scientific explanation at the moment is that our memories are not stored in the brain or the body, but in some kind of memory field like an Akasha record (cosmic video album). Here your soul is also located. This Akasha record is located beyond the physical body in the celestial realm. Thinking that the brain is the home of our memories or that the body the home of your soul, is equivalent to thinking that the television set is the home of the sounds and pictures that it plays.

I am definitely convinced we are a NPC in a cosmic quantum computer simulation game. We have been duped by ancient rulers who have tried to erase this knowledge from our history, along this way we forgot this knowledge and now we even forgot that we have forgotten our reality. What if everything you were ever taught was a lie? Until now… because you were right with your outcome on the holographic universe, because we really live in a Virtual Reality Game. From a Mayan prospective our proposed transformation is the meaning of life, because in the truest sense, we are all Spiritual Divine Beings (type three civilization). An overview of your Akasha record is now present; despite of all the distractions in what you see, think or experience… Enlightenment has always been here! The MLEG is here to show people the right direction, the inspiring thing is that you can only finish this MLEG when you awaken to your true Mayan Ascension. At that moment you come to understand the best outcome of your Akasha record again and that these dedicated servers are the most important components (building blocks) of the holographic universe.  

We believe your advocated theory about the holographic nature of our existence, we believe that this is the situation where we are currently living in. I can easily say this because I have been living a conscious Mayan raw food lifestyle for more than ten years now and during this period I’ve set up The United Universe in 2007, reconstructing the thirteen-moon calendar (TunUc of the Mayans), becoming a Raw foodists and attaining Self-realization at that time, practicing Martial arts, Yoga, Tantra and Advaita Vedanta and for several years back, I had a Mayan God-realization and awoke into the holographic universe as Kukulkan (Gamemaster is better understandable). I now live through with great dedication and love. And the beautiful thing is that Kukulkan has its own divine autonomy, hardware- and software configuration in contrast to the persons six senses. Regardless of where the person is the consciousness of Kukulkan is here and now present, it can see through my third eye as the Akasha Keeper. The quieter I become, the better I can hear the wisdom in the silence. I am that what experiences, so I am no longer looking for experiences, it has an unchanging kundalini Shakti Bliss lightbody and can talk with the language of Consciousness that uses no words but from here the magic spells come from the program: the Womb of Creation (the profound cosmic plasma processor) from HunabKú that’s pregnant with all possibilities.

In this state of Being I am clearly aware of both: the configuration of the spacetime consciousness source code (software), and the cosmic divine mainframe (hardware) of which our holographic universe is put together. So we use the universal structure with which we build and create the first able and Enlightened society. Instead of staying an almost type one civilization, we will upgrade the MLEG user to a class of a type three supernatural civilization. 

The Kardashev scale:

The Kardashev scale

This is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to use for communication. The scale has five designated categories: a Type one civilization – also called planetary civilization – can use and store energy which reaches its planet from the neighboring star, Type two can harness the energy of the entire star (the most popular hypothetic concept being the Dyson sphere device which would encompass the entire star and transfer its energy to the planet), and Type three civilization can control energy on the scale of their entire host milkyway galaxy, then there is the type four civilization Kukulkan as the Akasha Keeper and the five of that Divine HunabKú who has programmed this holographic universe.

So we, like you, want to upgrade people to let them become a better version of themselves, in our case an Avatar version of themselves. We are enthusiastic about your visions and augmented reality plans. That is why we approach you first, to become a co-creator (Functional Based) in this MLEG. With you as our CEO we can keep the development under our control and management. With all due respect… but maybe you don’t understand my conscious words, then I will have to contact the Enlightened actor Jim Carrey or the Awakened Oprah Winfrey or Leonardo DiCaprio who is looking for a new collective consciousness.

Alternatively if you are not interested, my next step is to approach the major game developers (also the smaller ones that do not yet have a big gamer platform). We will send this in multifaceted form to those multinationals. For example we will contact Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation and Apple Macintosh, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry, HTC, ClickNL, Quantic dream, Guerrilla Games and Samsung. And first thank them with their high-tech developments in the gaming industry, we are impressed by their virtual reality options. We have developed a VR product that combines health and spirituality to Awaken humanity. In all history there is no more urgent time to come onboard with this MLEG plan. We want to upgrade people to let them become their descending Avatar incarnation in our Holographic Universe.

And to find out which companies own the most business resources such as programming, production, wholesale, marketing and worldwide distribution to points of sale; What offer they have for us with regard to the half (50%) purchase of the whole MLEG concept; what value their offer for our development support and certain percentages we can keep for every video game sold; what the membership registration, download app and the options for the Karmic crypto coins are etc.

Please don’t wrongly understand me, it will be a great honor for us to have a joint venture (Functional Based) in the creation a VR gamers platform: a MLEG platform, website, webstore, download App and VR Game. Because we think humanity is now ready to awaken their third eye and travel to the fifth dimension playing in a virtual reality MLEG.

So you want to be the first one to find out this secret sourcecode that has been erased from our history throughout the centuries? Fortunately this secret knowledge has been kept alive underground by the Mayan Elders (father to son evolution). Knowing this miraculous Mayan mystery feels like having the answer to all magic tricks.

So hopefully you are interested to be the first one to find out the MLEG structure of the mainframe and foundation of the sourcecode (hardware- and software configuration) of our holographic universe. And if you like it… to assemble this organization further from here to a great success. It would be an honor for us to have a joint venture in the creation of a VR gamers platform: a MLEG platform, website, webstore, download App and VR Game. We will be happy to have a business meeting with the MLEG presentation to formally discuss what we can offer each-other in this joint venture. If you are not destined to work with us, we wish you all the love with becoming a fulfilled being and staying an extraordinary role model.

You can reach me via The United Universe Church

Yours sincerely,
Johan Kukulkan HunabKú )))

PS: I Suspended managing a vegan organic rawfood restaurant, the Alchemist Garden, in Amsterdam, so I can commit myself 24/7 to devote my life to this special MLEG project 💖 To always stay connected to it, so I can properly improve the qualities of the game by helping with the layout, 3D, and 5D features and determine the personal degree of needed spiritual support and coaching with the calcification of the pineal gland. I will always develop new spiritual gamer ideas so that playing it remains inspiring, fun and addictive to awaken from the veil of illusion (māyā) and become an Imperial Sunwarrior 😉   

Via The United Universe Church you can get in contact with Kukulkan and you can follow Kukulkan throughout his Socialmedia & Websites  )))

With greatest respect,
In lak’ech: Kukulkan CEO The United Universe Church

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